Raffle winners

As many of you are aware, we didn’t get a chance to draw the raffle at the closing ceremony yesterday because we all got a bit emotional and carried away (in other words, so many feels).

So we’ve just drawn our raffle now – hopefully you’ve all held on to your tickets! Here are the winners:

  • B27 Claimed!
  • B06 Claimed!
  • B34 Claimed!
  • B30
  • B76

Each winner will receive a Room 801 tote bag, a sketchbook, two badges from AarinFantasy (by PenguinFrontier and Aphin123) and an eBook code from SuBLime Manga. To claim your prize, please write your name on your ticket and email a legible scan or mobile phone photo of it to us at room801au (at) gmail (dot) com, with the address you want us to send it to. If we don’t hear from any of our winners by next Monday the 3rd of March, we’ll keep drawing winners until the prizes are all given out.

If you missed out this time, we have at least another giveaway to go – we’ll announce those winners later this week!

Some guest news and a new poll

We have some big news to share! Aarin from Aarinfantasy (the world’s largest yaoi community) will be attending Room 801 and bringing art and merchandise by Black Monkey Pro, PenguinFrontier, Otome’s Way and Aphin123 to sell at the convention. She’s currently taking donations to cover the table fee, so if you’re an AF forum member you can help promote these artists and earn forum points at the same time.

Our games guest Luke Miller is a few thousand votes away from getting his game My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant! into the top 100 on Steam Greenlight. Unfortunately it’s suffering from an unusual imbalance of negative votes, which are most likely due to Steam users disliking the subject matter rather than the game itself. If you’d like to see a light-hearted gay sci-fi adventure game on Steam and you have an account, head over and vote.

And here’s this month’s poll. This is an honest question, because we’re working out how to run a certain giveaway…