General FAQ

Is the event over 18s only?

Yes, Room 801 is strictly an over 18s only event.

Will I need to bring photo ID/proof of age?

Yes. You will need to present a valid Australian drivers’ license, Proof of Age card, Keypass or passport along with your ticket to enter the event. Other forms of identification will not be accepted.

If you cannot present an acceptable form of photo ID/proof of age at entry your ticket can be refunded, but an admin fee will apply.

What’s the actual event going to be like?

We know that some people expect this convention to be a darkened room full of screaming fangirls, or a disaster akin to DashCon. But based on our 2014 event, Room 801 is uniquely and refreshingly welcoming, creative, social, sex-positive and queer-positive, especially compared to other Australian conventions. We make sure our program appeals to a range of fans, regardless of their gender identity, sexuality, fandoms or OTPs! You should expect to spend most of your day listening to talks, but expect to do some shopping, taking cosplay photos and meeting new and old friends too.

What time does the event begin and end on each day?

We will be announcing event times once we get closer to finalising the schedule. Individual event times will be posted on the Schedule section of our website, as well as on a printed sheet in your showbag.

Can I buy a ticket at the door?

Yes you can, though pre-registering helps us greatly with planning. Tickets at the door will also cost a bit more than they do online. You will still need to bring your ID (see above) to purchase a ticket.

Do you need any volunteers?

Thanks for asking. Right now we’re covered for 2015! The best bet is to keep an eye on our updates, and sign up for the mailing list so you can put your hand up when volunteers are required for future events or if you’d like to know more. There are a variety of jobs volunteers can do, and we appreciate the help!

Is this the first convention of its type in Australia?

A different group ran a yaoi/yuri convention in Melbourne called conSENSUAL in 2011, so we aren’t the first. But we’ve tried to make sure we bring you something different!

Attendee FAQ

Can I take photos of other people/will I be on camera?

In order to create a safe and comfortable space for all attendees, Room 801 has strict rules around photography and video (on any device including mobile phones). Please make sure you have someone’s explicit consent before taking a photo of them, and definitely get in touch with them again if you intend to post the photo online.

Can I record video of other people?

Only if the people in the video explicitly consent to it, and if the content is M-rated or less. As with photos, if you intend to post the video online, get in touch with participants to ask them for permission first.

Yaoi & Yuri FAQ

So what’s this yaoi thing, anyway?

The short version is that yaoi is a sub-genre of anime and manga, mainly aimed at women, that features romantic relationships between male characters. While it is generally used in the West as an inclusive term for all male/male anime and manga coming out of Japan, its history lies in the “juicy” stuff, which tends to define the genre.

What’s this yuri thing, then?

Yuri focuses on romantic relationships between female characters and, just like yaoi, its origins lie in manga for women. At times it can be tricky to draw the line between yuri and lesbian hentai, but yuri tends to focus on the emotional as well as sexual nature of the relationship.

Are all yaoi and yuri fans queer/cis/het/trans?

Not necessarily: yaoi and yuri both have a diverse fan base consisting of people who identify right across the spectrum, in terms of both gender identity and sexual orientation. Frankly, we don’t care and we’re not here to judge. What we are here to do is bring you a convention that is fun, interesting, relevant to, and supportive of your interests. The subject matter might have a particular orientation, but that doesn’t define the audience.

How can I tell if someone is a yaoi/yuri fan?

Good luck with that. Yaoi and yuri fans are a diverse bunch in their other interests and they could be regulars at your BDSM club’s fetish night or your local church group (but probably not Westboro Baptist). They might identify as geeks, furries, roleplayers, office workers, gamers, goths or soccer mums… or, just as easily, they might not. The one thing they have in common is a shared love of particular genres, characters, aesthetics or storytelling.

This convention looks very yaoi-focused. How much yuri content can I expect?

In 2014 we tried to make as much of our programming apply to both genres as possible, but overall there was about a 70/30 split of yaoi to yuri. This reflected our attendees’ interests in our surveys before we set everything up and in the leadup to the convention. If you’d like to see more yuri-related content at our events, please make sure you give us your suggestions and fill out our surveys whenever we post about them.