Trader Policy

In the interests of professionalism and presenting an exciting event to our attendees, the organisers of Room 801 expect all traders to follow these rules for the duration of the convention, as well as our Terms of Registration and Code of Conduct.

If you have a specific question about this policy please contact the organisers.

Table Fees & Registration

Traders who are unable to attend the convention may notify the organisers by 28 February 2015 for a full refund.

Cancellations after this date, as well as any tables not set up by 10:30am each day, will be offered to attendees on the trader waiting list. Your table fee will not be refunded except in extenuating circumstances.

Any full or partial refunds for table fees are at the discretion of Room 801 organisers.

Artist/Author Tables

To qualify for an artist or author table, you must have designed, written and/or hand-made the items you are selling, or you must be offering art or craft commissions to be completed on the weekend of the convention.

Copies or traces of official art or fanart, photomanipulations, commercial goods (including art supplies, food and beverages) or copies of commercial art or goods are not permitted to be sold from artist/author tables.

If you offer art or craft commissions, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that all commissions are completed by the close of the convention on Sunday. If we receive complaints regarding unfinished commissions from attendees, you may be barred from offering commissions at future events.

Public Liability

It is the responsibility of traders and artists to have a valid public liability insurance policy for the duration of the event.

Once your trader or artist space has been confirmed and paid for, we recommend adding “Objectionable Events” to the Interested Parties section of your policy.


Traders in attendance at the convention are also subject to the Code of Conduct.

While mature content is permitted, traders intending to display large sexualised images in their designated space or wear sexualised clothing/uniforms/costumes should discuss their intentions with the organisers before the convention.

Property and Facilities

Trader bump-in is from 7:30am to 9:15am on Saturday and 8:30 to 9:15am on Sunday. Bump-out on Sunday is from 5pm to 6:30pm.

Traders are not permitted to bring additional tables and chairs. Freestanding displays such as banners should be discussed with organisers in advance and placed or constructed in a way that does not endanger you, convention attendees or hotel staff.

Adhesives including tape, Velcro dots and Blu-Tac may not be used on any walls, ceilings or other surfaces of the venue apart from the supplied fabric display panels.

Traders and artists may eat and drink in their designated space, as long as the area is kept clean and all litter is disposed of appropriately.

Please note that your stock and displays are your responsibility and while we will do our best to secure the convention space and cloakroom outside of convention hours, Objectionable Events and the Holiday Inn Parramatta will not be held responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or corrupted stock.

Classification & Content

Traders should clearly display Australian classifications for their products if applicable.

In addition, goods containing the following content should include appropriate warnings or disclaimers for attendees. If you intend to display any products with this content, please discuss your intentions with the organisers before the convention.

  • sexual violence

  • incest

  • abuse

  • self-injury/suicidal themes

  • drug use

  • dubious or questionable consent issues

  • non-consensual sex/rape

  • references to child abuse

  • injury

  • gore

Illegal Content

If the following items are found at an exhibitor table, the exhibitor will be asked to pack up their display and leave the convention immediately. The space will then be offered to any attendees who are interested in a table.

Bootlegged and Counterfeit Items

Bootlegged and counterfeit items are not permitted to be sold. In addition, copies or traces of official art or fanart are not permitted.

Child Pornography

Characters depicted in sexual situations should appear to be of or over the age of 18. Products with specific references to shotacon, lolicon or chanslash are not permitted to be sold.

Complaints or Concerns

If you have any complaints or concerns during the convention, please contact a Room 801 organiser or volunteer immediately so that we can reach a resolution as soon as possible.