Debate Guidelines

The debate will be held on the Saturday afternoon in the Presentations area. If you’d like to take part, it’s expected that you both be in attendance on the day and prepared to arrive at the debate area five minutes before the event starts.

No prior experience in debating or public speaking is required in order to participate, though it might be worth familiarising yourself with a standard debate format as well as the material you are arguing for (or against). If you don’t like public speaking, this probably isn’t the event for you, but if you’re willing to give it a go and have a laugh at yourself and fandom in general, we’d love to have you on board!

Some basic planning and working with team members prior to the event is also to be expected. Since it may not be possible to coordinate meetups, it is recommended that each team collaborate via email well before Room 801 in order to sort out which points will be discussed by whom to avoid overlap, and also which order team members will speak in. Room 801 organisers and your fellow team members should be able to get in contact with you prior to the convention.

Due to the short amount of time allocated for each speaker, you are encouraged not to rely heavily on PowerPoint docs, etc. (A bell will be used to signify when your time is drawing an end.)

The debate is in the spirit of light-hearted humour and will hopefully be enjoyable for the audience and participants. While some serious issues may arise from the debate question, we would prefer to keep it light and refer more to examples based in yaoi and yuri media as opposed to real-life examples or studies and texts. Room 801 has pointedly maintained that we’re here because we enjoy yaoi and yuri, and that opinions and feelings on these issues can range, and that we’re not here to judge one another (except on presentation and debating skills!). In other words, save the gender studies analysis and critique for your Arts degree, we are here to have a laugh during this event. (More serious ways to address the realism, or lack thereof, in yaoi and yuri will be addressed during panels, which we’re hoping you’ll be attending.)

Due to people’s individual senses of humour varying wildly, some of the content addressed in the debate may be offensive to some attendees, though ideally it will be no more offensive than content in yaoi and yuri presented elsewhere at Room 801.

Please also note that at no time are presenters on either team advocating for any of the behaviours or practices discussed in their presentation: they may not even agree with their side of the debate!

This is, like the rest of Room 801, an adult event, and everyone, including the debaters, the MC and the audience, is expected to behave accordingly. The same policies which  apply to the rest of Room 801 apply here also.