Guest Speakers

Our guest speakers bring an incredible amount of talent and experience with them to our event, from all corners of fandom. We’re sure you’ll enjoy what they have to share with you over the weekend.

Feisty Cuffs

Feisty Cuffs attended her first convention in a casual cosplay and fell in love with the cosplay community. She now loves attending conventions as a cosplayer, panelist and cosplay judge, and connecting with like minded geeks. She loves talking about all things cosplay, and encourages everyone to join this wonderful community.

Feisty loves being able to embody and become the character that she is cosplaying, as well as the creative process of constructing her own costumes and props. You’ll notice that she rarely ever stays still, and is always taking on a new challenge. She will often pick cosplay projects in which she can learn a new technique or skill.

All of Feisty’s free time is spent making costumes, playing roller derby, and spending all her money on geek paraphernalia. It’s been reported that two giant T-Rexes and one tiny cat inhabit her living room.

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Dr Scott Beattie

Scott is an associate professor in the School of Business and Law at CQUniversity. He has previously given popular legal talks for yaoi and yuri fans at conSENSUAL and Room 801.

Scott has been a zine and minicomic creator since the dark ages of the ​1980s. He has a neglected DeviantART account at

Mary Borsellino

Mary writes things, including erotica, games, and comics. She’s more than a little obsessed with Nitro+CHiRAL games, loves Free!, and takes vicious delight in hearing fanboys complain about how gay the third Evangelion reboot movie was.

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Nellie Battersby

Narelle is a professional editor who has been reading about boys kissing since before lemons were a thing. She currently freelances for various publishing houses and localization companies, including Crunchyroll and Harper Collins, and is always excited to bring more quality boy x boy and girl x girl romance to a wider audience. If you want to make her cry, be sure to bring up Neon Genesis Evangelion, CLAMP, or the phrase “but we’re both guys!”

Narelle can also be found at her professional Twitter, or at her fannish Tumblr.

Thomas Baudinette

Thomas Baudinette is a final year PhD Candidate and a Japanese Studies tutor at Monash University who has worked as a research assistant in a number of large Japan-related research projects. He is interested in investigating the role consumption of various gay media plays in informing young gay Japanese men about their identities and desires.

Thomas also identifies as an on-again/off-again fan of BL manga and is a collector of geicomi. His other research interests involve investigating race and ethnicity in Japan, the concept of “genre” in manga, and the diffusion of BL discourses and cultural productions throughout South-East Asia (with a particular focus on Thailand). Thomas has lived in Tokyo, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur and considers himself a traveller, foodie and all-round Japan nerd!

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Khursten Santos

Khursten Santos is a postgraduate student researching on fujoshi culture. She is a fujoshi herself and when she’s not buried under reading her research, she writes and talks about buttsex and manga on her website, Otaku Champloo.


Born in Montreal, Canada, Emi moved to Australia four years ago in search of himself. He considers himself to have grown more in those four years than he did in his previous twenty. Emi is excited for the future, and strives to always live in the present.

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Kittyhawk is the creator of such comics as Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki and Quickies! and co-creator of the Jar.

After wandering around the East Coast of the USA, she found her way to South East Queensland where she lives with her husband and computers. You can find the rest of her work including sketches, illustrations, and porno comics at


Mamath is a Brisbane artist mostly known for making soft toys like Boxfox! She also makes hella minicomics. If you see her at the convention, ask her about funny pics of dogs wearing sunglasses.

Website | Tumblr

Michelle Rae

Michelle Rae took up writing fanfiction for her son in 2007. In 2008, she embarked on writing LGBT fiction. With over 30 books published—many on free-to-read platforms—Michelle had her first book Time For Destiny published by DreamSpinner Press in 2014.

In 2015, Michelle independently published two books, Cat Got Your Tongue and Divine Intervention. Michelle also runs Moral Fortitude, a website to promote self-published authors and offer tips and advice on self-publishing.

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Fox Lee

Fox is an artist and computer science student who has been making games – with varying degrees of success – for years. As an expert procrastinator herself, she hopes to connect fellow flakes artists with enough free tools, resources and support that they simply have no excuse.

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Dave McDermott

Dave is an illustrator who sometimes says jokes. He is the less famous half of the Shut-In Show podcast and is bad at Tekken and life choices.

Twitter | The Shut-In Show

Tom Sanderson

Tom is an accomplished musician, a veteran
of stand up comedy, and one half of the
weekly-ish indie comedy podcast Something Something Joystick.

Twitter | Something Something Joystick


Zero is a Japanese rope bondage artist and educator. Beginning in 2010, he has developed his own unique style; one that combines the sadistic, the creative, and the intimate, placing his rope partner at his mercy and taking them on a journey.

Zero is heavily involved in the Sydney-based Japanese rope bondage community and is one of the driving forces behind the Sydney Rope Dojo, where he shares his passion for rope through teaching regular classes.

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We all need a place to feel safe. A place to be welcomed, accepted and supported. A place to be ourselves! Twenty10 incorporating the Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service of NSW aims to create and nurture such places for people of diverse, genders, sexualities and sexes, their families and communities.

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