Igiari! The Great Debate

Ladies and gentlemen, we may be experiencing some turbulence…it’s time for the great debate!

Last year’s Igiari! had attendees educated, amused, and on the edge of their seats when we asked our debate teams to duke it out on the topic: “Yaoi and yuri should be more realistic in its depiction of love, sex and relationships.” This year, we’re hoping for a similar result, where the point of contention is “That queer canon couples are more fun than sublime slashy subtext.” Will you be cheering for Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, or Aoba and any one of his male counterparts in DRAMAtical Murder, or if you’re more for those moments between Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth or Suzaku and Lelouch…

Forty-five minutes. Six people. Two teams. One adjudicator. Countless points of contention… and hopefully one victorious trio! Come along and have some fun, and help us to choose the winning team!


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