Free! Photo Tour of Sydney

Free! Walking Tour of SydneyJoin us for a very special tour where we’ll look at the streets of Sydney through a different lens — as the set for an anime episode in a much-loved and well-known series! This walk promises to be inspiring across the board: for artists who will find inspiration in Sydney’s unique architecture and urban design; for writers and adventurers in getting to know the finer points of a city full of stories; and for avid fans who can see where and how the city fits in with the things they love.

It’s also the city which has featured in an iconic episode of Free! So what would be better fun than to go check out the (real) locations while we’re cruising about town, ready to kick off Australia’s best yaoi and yuri convention?

In between visiting specific locations which have been featured in that episode, we’ll be moving around the city via several modes of transport in the company of like-minded fans, including the organisers and several of our guest speakers. At the end of it all, we’ll finish off with a train back to Parramatta, then catch up and get to know one another at the Holiday Inn as we share fannish ideas, theories and OTPs and prepare for the first day of Room 801: Mile High Club.

PLEASE NOTE: the Free! Photo Tour is limited to Premium attendees and is not open to general attendees or as a single event.

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