Cosplay Competition

Time to get busy on those costumes, folks!

Yaoi and yuri might be a small subgenre of fandom but we still know how to dress up and have a good time, not to mention a world of fun hamming it up as some of the genre’s best (and worst) characters we know and love! Come along in costume and win some great prizes, have fun, get recognised, and show us your creativity!

To enter our formal cosplay competition, drop off a completed registration form at the merchandise desk in the Exhibitor area (A9). Entry is open to all Room 801 ticket-holders excluding unpaid volunteer staff and organisers. Cosplay entries will be accepted until 10:30am on both Saturday and Sunday morning, with the competition and judging to take place between 10:45am and 11:30am in the Anderson room.

Winners will be announced at the closing event in the Anderson Room on Sunday. Ideally you should be at the event to receive your prize(s), and if you are unreachable following a period of seven (7) days after the announcement, you may forfeit your prize(s).

We have some general rules that apply to cosplay and props in the Code of Conduct section under Dress Standards and Photography, which need to be obeyed as well as the competition rules below.

  1. All costumes are subject to the general rules and regulations listed in the Code of Conduct for Room 801.
  2. Any props used are also subject to the general props rules and regulations for Room 801.
  3. If your costume contains large, obstructive or otherwise awkward pieces, we ask that you only wear it for the cosplay event and photographs shortly afterwards out of courtesy to staff, volunteers and other attendees.
  4. If, at any time, convention staff find your costume inappropriate in any way, you will be politely asked to change out of the costume. An inappropriate costume is one that fails to comply with the Code of Conduct, blocks hallways, or causes hotel staff or other attendees to have valid complaints.  Failure to comply with a staff request may result in further action being taken against you, including being asked to leave and your registration not being refunded.
  5. Participants’ costumes must be self-contained and not interfere with other participants or cause damage to other participants’ costumes.
  6. No incendiary devices, projectiles, silly string, or confetti may be used with your costumes for reasons concerning safety of those in the hotel and littering issues.
  7. Cosplay costumes will be awarded based on the following attributes:
    – skill in developing/acquiring/constructing the costume
    – likeness of the character represented
    – participant’s skill in “playing” or posing as the character
  8. While it is not compulsory, yaoi and yuri themed character costumes are strongly recommended given the spirit of the convention.
  9. The winner must be contactable in order to receive their prize, either on Sunday afternoon during the closing ceremony of Room 801, or via email or mobile if they only attended on the Saturday or for part of the Sunday.
  10. Judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  11. Volunteers, staff, and organisers are ineligible to enter the cosplay contest, in order to keep things fair for paying attendees.

Good luck and we can’t wait to see your costumes!