Below is just a taste of what we have planned for the convention. If you have any suggestions or would like to help us run an event, contact the organisers!

Free! Photo Tour

We have a special treat for our Premium attendees: a tour of Sydney as the setting for am Australian-themed episode of the much-loved swimming anime. Join us for a wander through the city via multiple modes of transport, followed by drinks at the convention hotel as we recharge for the weekend ahead!

Panels, Presentations & Workshops

Panels and presentations are the true main event of our convention! Sit in on a session and learn more about that fandom or that genre you’ve always wondered about, or learn some new skills in cosplay, art, game design or writing.

Live Drawing

Watching another artist’s process is always fascinating! Sit and watch an artist work on the big screen during one of our live drawing sessions.


Catch some anime screenings with friends. We’ve picked out some classics that are legally available in Australia that we hope everyone will enjoy, as well as a rescreening of the documentary The Fragile Heart of Moe. We’ll be holding a giveaway at each screening, too!

IGIARI! – The Great Debate

Be moved, entertained and possibly won over by our debate.

Swap Meet

Trade your stuff, both physical and digital, with other fans in a relaxed atmosphere on Saturday night, or just hang out and socialise while watching our epic video playlist.

Just like last year, we want your help to build the video playlist for the night!

Cosplay Competition

Get your kit on, show the world who you can be and win some great prizes in the process! Or just come and revel in the skill and dedication of other fans.

Fanart & Fanfiction Competitions

Get sketching or write a drabble during the weekend incorporating our daily themes to win some very cool prizes.