Early bird savings and Friday night details

In case you aren’t already aware, tickets for Room 801: Mile High Club are on sale and you can get a discount if you register before the end of this month.

This year’s social event on Friday the 27th of March is a walking tour of locations around the Sydney CBD that are featured in the Free! anime, followed by a train back to Parramatta and a friendly catchup over drinks. The event is exclusive to our Premium attendees, speakers and exhibitors. Premium tickets are only available until the end of February and are selling steadily, so if you want the full experience of the convention make sure you get in quick.

Thanks to everyone who answered our call for expressions of interest in our last post. We’ve almost finished getting in touch with everyone and our program and trader list are even bigger and better than last year. We’d still like to hear your suggestions for the Swap Meet video playlist and what you’d like to see in a yuri-specific presentation or discussion – get in touch!